School Board Members

Andrew Porter, Chair

Juan Casasnovas, Vice-Chair

Kathy Fezzie

Mindy Hunley

Emily Massarella, Secretary

Molly McHugh, Treasurer


Ex-Officio Members
Fr. Timothy LaBo, Ph.D., Pastor
Jessica Bruchey, Principal


Finance Committee
The finance committee will assist the principal and business manager in developing a school budget according to a fiscal calendar. The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Actualization of the current school budget begins with the enrollment count as of September 1.


Program Fundraising
Volunteer Leader: Program Fundraising Chair
Committee Member General Duties:  Work with parents who oversee each of the programs: Box Top, Coke Rewards, etc. and report to the board on their schedule, activities, and funds raised.


Public Relations
Volunteer Leader: Public Relations Chair
Committee Member General Duties: The committee will develop ideas to get the St. Joseph Academy image out into the community. They will be responsible for setting up a year-long marketing plan, ordering marketing materials, participating in the community events, and the planning of St. Joseph Academy events.  The committee works with the principal for approval.

The chair will meet with the Development Director from the Diocese of Orlando, Office of Schools, and act as liaison for St. Joseph Academy and Catholic Schools of Polk County for advertising purposes.
The chair should knowledge of marketing and public relations or experience in the communications field.


A member of the PTO serves on the board as an ex-officio member.  Their role to serve as liaison and reports on all PTO activities.


Alumni Association
Volunteer Leader: Alumni Chair
Committee Member General Duties:  Develop and help maintain Alumni database (excel spreadsheet), set dates for, attend and volunteer at Alumni events, obtain Alumni news and updates (i.e. who’s getting married, going to college, etc.). May also include development of quarterly, electronic Alumni Newsletter.


Strategic Planning
Volunteer Leader:  Strategic Planning Chair
Committee Member General Duties:  The Committee on Strategic Planning develops effective approaches to long-range planning for the Academy’s instructional and support functions. It should serve as an advocate for and play a leadership role in long-range planning, promote a long-term commitment to keeping all Academy stakeholders involved and informed.


Volunteer Leader:  Hospitality Chair
Committee Member General Duties: Gain knowledge of Academy history, unique culture and campus. Be ready to serve as “face” of St. Joseph Academy at events, to include; Open Houses, Orientations and other special events.  Answering general questions to new families and help connect them with a current family that has students in their child/children’s class.


Mission Effectiveness
Volunteer Leader: Mission Effectiveness Chair
Committee Chair General Duties: To oversee both Catholic Identity and Governance.

Catholic Identity – Responsibilities include meeting with Catholic Identity committee members to maintain and expand the core virtues program, service programs and overall plan for ensuring that we are fulfilling our mission to challenge each student to live the Gospel message in the school, community and the world.  Provide support and ideas to the faculty on how they can help the students live out and grow in their faith daily.  Report activities to board as needed.

Governance – Responsibilities include providing all board members with copies of the most recent board by-laws.  Working with the officers to update by-laws as needed.  Track the terms of each board member and manage renewals when applicable. Ensure that the board members meet the guidelines per the board by-laws.  The role also includes overseeing the nominating committee each year to recruit new board members and review all vacant positions open on the board.


Other Members Include:

  • Pastor (Ex-officio)

  • Principal (Ex-officio)

  • Faculty Representative (Ex-officio)

  • Parish Council Representative (appointed by the Pastor)

All returning board members are required to chair a committee and work that committee throughout the year.  They will report on the committee’s activity at each meeting.  New board members are asked to select a committee to work on and then be prepared to chair a committee the following year.